Statistics for Action has produced materials in many different forms, to meet different community needs:

  • Activities that organizers and educators can use to help communities understand, analyze, and communicate environmental issues.
  • Guides for air quality monitoring, soil quality testing, water quality testing, hazardous waste cleanup, and reading online cancer registries. Environmental Testing and Health Resources
  • Videos with quick reviews of concepts, or stories of how data can be used effectively in environmental organizing.
  • Statistics for Action co-produced the Spring 2011 issue of The Change Agent: Staying Safe in a Toxic Word. Includes stories of communities using data and math skills for empowerment.
  • Many SfA materials will also be available in Spanish.
  • You can tips for using SfA materials customized to different community situations, or find all materials on a particular topic.
  • You can also see what kind of learning and training opportunities there are for facillitators of SfA materials.