Zero Waste Internship

Vermont Zero Waste Campaign Internship
Toxics Action Center

At Toxics Action Center, we believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a healthy community.  Our mission is to work side by side with New England residents to build strong groups to prevent and clean up toxics, while developing long-term leaders for the environmental movement.  Since 1987, Toxics Action Center has assisted more than 700 community groups working to prevent and clean up toxic pollution in their communities.

Universal Recycling
Vermonters only recycle or compost half of the materials they could. These materials are valuable and throwing them out is a waste of money, energy, and shared resources. Therefore, Vermont has taken an ambitious step to reduce the amount of material that goes to the landfill. The adoption of the Universal Recycling Law (Act 148) gives all Vermonters the opportunity to keep valuable materials out of the trash through convenient and consistent services for recycling and composting throughout the state.

The phased timeline allows for the gradual development of services and infrastructure needed to recycle and compost all of these valuable materials before the bans take effect. July 1, 2015 is an important benchmark for this law: Haulers must offer collection and public spaces must offer collection of listed recyclables as they are banned from the landfill starting next July; likewise, facilities must collect leaf and yard debris in a few months.

We want the implementation of the Universal Recycling Law to be as successful as it can be to be a national beacon of zero waste.

Intern responsibilities would include but not be limited to:
•    Recruit community groups, environmental groups, and businesses across the state to support the Universal Recycling roll-out
•    Interview haulers to identify and address needs to build support of Universal Recycling roll-out
•    Develop relevant materials needed to educate the public and businesses about the Universal Recycling benchmarks
•    Garner media hits in local papers and generate letters to the editor
•    Conduct weekly check-in calls/meetings with Toxics Action organizer

Intern Qualifications, Logistics, and How to Apply:
Interns must have a concern for the environment and a desire to educate and organize residents in their communities. Experience working or studying environmental issues is preferred, but not required. Internships are unpaid; volunteer and course credit may be available. Hours and dates of work are relatively flexible but some events may have firm times. To apply, send resume and cover letter to Shaina Kasper at

Toxics Action Center is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the base of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, handicap, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or veteran status.