Toxics Action Center
Toxics Action Center

Letter from the Director

Dear friends,

It’s been an action-packed few months! In the face of a presidential administration dismantling decades of progress on our health and the environment, we have stepped up our efforts to help communities fight back and to win lasting change. Thanks to you, in 2019, we’ve already assisted nearly 100 communities standing up to big polluters to safeguard our rights to clean air, clean water, and sustainable and just communities.

Against great odds, communities are taking meaningful steps forward. In recent months, Protect Geprags Park and residents of Bristol, Vermont, halted a plan for a massive new fracked gas distribution pipeline. Our Zero Waste Boston coalition won a citywide zero-waste commitment and effectively closed an egregious loophole exempting recycling workers from the city’s Living Wage Ordinance after a decade-long campaign. Activists from 41 towns across Massachusetts joined to launch a new coalition to take back local control from the chemical industry and ban toxic pesticides. And the New Hampshire Safe Water Alliance won a commitment for stronger drinking water protections against the toxic Teflon chemical, PFAS.

In the midst of this work, we’re also thinking about how we can be even more effective for the communities that need us most. With support from the independent branding firm, Mission Minded, we’re rethinking how we tell the story of our work in the coming months, and we’d love your input! Please email me at to share feedback or questions as we move forward, and thank you as always for your generous support!


Sylvia Broude
Executive Director