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Toxics Action Center

Director Update

Dear friends,

Out of the blue, dozens of pipelines owned by Columbia Gas exploded in Massachusetts this September, causing fires that devastated three Merrimack Valley communities. A teen lost his life, dozens were injured, countless homes damaged and, just as a new school year was starting, thousands of lives were disrupted as neighbors were evacuated from their homes. By Thanksgiving, many impacted families still didn’t have heat in their homes or the ability to  cook a meal.

The Boston Globe has called it a “Fukushima moment” for the fracked gas industry, which has been more focused on winning a public subsidy to expand pipelines than on ensuring the safety of its aging infrastructure.

The threat of a disaster like this is just one reason why we’re standing with activists against the fracked gas  expansions proposed across our region. Building more pipelines locks us into polluting energy at a time when we need to transition to renewables to protect our climate. Fracked gas jeopardizes our health by releasing toxic chemicals into our air—even from pipelines and storage tanks that the industry considers safe. And this time, the threat of explosion has hit too close to home.

If you live in Massachusetts, please join thousands who have signed a petition demanding that Gov. Charlie Baker come out against fracked gas pipelines. And if you don’t live in Massachusetts, get in touch with us at to find out how to take action in your own state. Thank you for all your support!


Sylvia Broude
Executive Director