Toxics Action Center
Toxics Action Center


14th of February 2019

PFAS Exposures Will Continue Under EPA Plan, Communities Warn

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its PFAS Action Plan amidst a flurry of press conferences around the country, and the people impacted by the toxic contamination across the nation are saying it fails to prevent current and future exposure to PFAS in the environment.

5th of February 2019

New Study: Multiple dangerous pesticides found in food made and sold by Kroger, Walmart, Costco and Albertsons

Testing released today found store and name brand foods produced and sold by the top four U.S. food retailers, Kroger (NYSE:KR), Walmart (NYSE: WMT), Costco (NYSE:COST) and Albertsons — purchased in cities across the country by Friends of the Earth and allies, including Toxics Action Center, contain residues of toxic pesticides linked to a range of serious health and environmental problems.

30th of January 2019

Do you know if your child’s school is safe from lead?

Water contamination in schools is still a serious threat. This year, half of the 78,000 taps tested in Massachusetts schools had lead in their water. New Hampshire started mandated testing at every school this year, and we expect to find lead there, too. There is no safe level for lead—even small amounts are highly toxic, especially for children. The only way to ensure that kids are safe is to get the lead out of schools altogether.

29th of January 2019

Sylvia Broude Receives ‘Sparkplug’ Award for Enlightened Public Service

“Under Sylvia’s direction, the Toxics Action Center has been instrumental in helping local communities and residents become active leaders in closing down the remaining coal-fired power plants in New England and in fighting to stop a major buildout of natural gas in the region,” said Whitney Hatch, the chair of the John Merck Fund.

PFAS-Polluted Communities Band Together for Stronger Standards

This September, members of Westfield Residents Advocating for Themselves and GreenCAPE, alongside city council members, other local government officials and Toxics Action Center, met with top officials at the state’s environmental agencies to demand a statewide plan of action.

Maine Mothers Call for Bar Harbor Pesticide Ban

Bar Harbor refused to share details about toxic pesticides used on the playground, and the moms decided it was time to push for a townwide ban on pesticides.

Community Leaders Convene at National Water Contamination Summit

Water contamination by the toxic chemical PFAS is a national crisis, and to address it, we need national change.

Victory Over Pesticides at One Small Lake Could Make Change Across Vermont

“There’s no substitute for individual people coming together and saying that we need to rethink an idea, even though it’s been done 100 times before,” said Meg.

Activists Come Together for Leadership Training and Movement building

The weekend brought together activists from all six states in the northeast along with leaders from the National PFAS Contamination Coalition from across the country. Activists working on a range of issues, including stopping pipelines and advancing clean energy, ensuring clean drinking water, curbing toxic pesticide spraying, and more, spent time together exploring how their efforts are interconnected.

After Deadly Gas Explosions, the Effort to Fight Pipelines Continues

In Lebanon, New Hampshire, a group of concerned neighbors is determined to show that building new fossil fuel infrastructure is the wrong direction for our climate, community health, and the well-being of neighboring towns.