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10th of October 2019

Registration is open for Local Environmental Action 2020

Our annual conference is back! Local Environmental Action 2020 will be on Saturday, March 7 in Boston, Mass. and you don’t want to miss it. Registration is officially open. Reserve your spot today!

13th of September 2019

Residents and Officials Stand in Opposition to the Holbrook Regional Trash Transfer Station on Anniversary of Lease Signing

Holbrook, Randolph and Braintree residents and local leaders joined together today at the Holbrook/Randolph Commuter Rail Station to voice their disapproval of the planned regional trash transfer station in Holbrook. Organizers said the group would now carry their message to the Holbrook Planning Board and Conservation Commission meetings next week and urge the town to finally reject the project after 10 years of active opposition.

Pat’s fight to stop pesticides

When she was a kid, Pat Keck would play with neighbors in the pond by her house, building rafts out of fallen logs during the summer and skating during the winter. Pat grew up on Field Pond in Harold Parker State Forest in Andover, Mass., in the same family house she lives in now. She also has childhood memories of toxic pesticides.

Coalition Calls for Triage and Transition Strategy

Gas Leaks Allies, a coalition of more than 25 organizations and researchers focused on reducing methane emissions, today released Rolling the Dice: Assessment of Gas System Safety in Massachusetts. The 68-page report identifies fundamental flaws in the gas distribution system that lead directly to unsafe situations and recommends feasible, cost-effective, short-term actions to improve public safety while transitioning to a renewable thermal energy system.

9th of September 2019

In Massachusetts and Vermont, Movements Grow Against Pesticides

When Ellen Anderson met Mary Jones, a community organizer with Toxics Action Center Campaigns, and learned about the work activists were doing to ban toxic pesticides in their towns, she was inspired to take action. The very next spring, Ellen and a team of other community members, with support from their local Conservation Commission and Petersham Grange, passed a resolution for Petersham, Massachusetts, to become a pollinator-friendly community.

6th of September 2019

South Portland, Maine, Takes on Fossil Fuel Pollution—Again

This spring, residents of South Portland, Maine, found out that Global Partners, the owner of 12 of the city’s 120 oil tanks, had been charged with violating the Clean Air Act since 2013. For the last six years, the company had emitted volatile organic compounds into the air at more than twice the rate allowed by its permit.

We’re Changing Our Name!

None of that is changing. But our name is. In the next few months, we’ll announce a brand new name, and we need your help to spread the word! Sign up to be the first to know our new name, and help us announce it to the rest of Toxics Action Center community.

Big Victories for Children’s Health in Vermont

No one should be exposed to toxic chemicals, but children are especially vulnerable. That’s why we have been working to ensure that Vermont protects children from toxics. After years of advocacy, Vermont passed a law this spring requiring transparency, making information about toxics in children’s toys and products available to parents.

The Northeast’s Biggest City is Going Zero Waste

Big news: This summer, Boston announced a plan to go zero waste! Nine years ago, Boston was burning or dumping far more recyclables than other cities of its size.

Stopping Pollution Before it Starts in Canaan, Conn.

When Robin Markey and Dolores Perotti learned about a proposed asphalt plant in Canaan, Connecticut, they were alarmed. The plant was proposing a “warm mix” asphalt operation, a process that uses toxic chemicals, just a third of a mile from a river and was likely to affect neighborhood well water.