Toxics Action Center
Toxics Action Center

One river, a community of leaders, and corporate pollution

For years, the General Electric Company (GE) polluted the Berkshires in Massachusetts with PCBs before the toxics were banned by the EPA.

And for years since, community leaders have been fighting for a full cleanup of the Housatonic River that holds GE accountable for that pollution.

Now, you can watch a short film telling the story of the Housatonic River and the activists who have fought to clean it up.

The River Guards by Aaron Kalischer-Coggins tells the story of the Housatonic River in Western Massachusetts, where an environmental and health crisis unfolded over the past 30 years. The 20-minute film features the community leaders who are fighting GE’s corporate negligence and government bureaucracy to clean the river.

Watch The River Guards for free on Vimeo and learn more about the fight to clean up the Housatonic River.

The River Guards from Tributary Productions on Vimeo.

This story isn’t over—community leaders like our friends at the Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) and many others are still working tirelessly to make sure the cleanup does what it’s supposed to do. This film is a snapshot of the ongoing work to clean up the Housatonic River and protect the surrounding communities.

I am always inspired by community leaders taking action to protect our health and environment, and I hope you are too

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