Toxics Action Center
Toxics Action Center



  • How to Run Effective Meetings Webinar
  • Using Social Media to Grow Community Power Webinar
  • Clean Water Network Working with Volunteers Materials
  • Writing and publishing your Letter to the Editor August 8, 2016 Webinar
  • Is a Health Study right for your community Webinar
  • Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Drinking Water Webinar


  1. Campaign Planning – A guide for neighborhood groups organizing to clean up and prevent pollution in their communities.
  2. Group Building – Create a recruitment plan to strengthen your group and win.
  3. Fundraising – Develop a plan to raise the money your group needs.
  4. Interpreting Test Results – Understand the data from environmental tests and make a plan to use the data
  5. Public Hearings – Develop a plan to present at and recruit people to a specific public hearing.
  6. Message and Materials – Develop a message for your campaign and a plan to create needed materials.
  7. Media Events – Plan a successful, newsworthy media event & learn basic principles of using the media, and develop an effective message.
  8. Community Votes – Create a plan that will win your community vote.